Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jan 31st - Good-bye to month of January

Where did the month go?
I want to say it was a really nice journey! It was so nice to meet new friends and know more old friends :) travel new places thank to your pictures and I am really looking forward to new weekly posts!
Hugs to all,

I am leaving the town for a few days, but once I am back home - I'll check all post and will post comments. I love to visit all your blogs!


  1. Enjoy your trip, Helen! And thank you for participating in the Jan. challenge. Your photos were wonderful and I enjoyed them very much.

  2. OH..she's beautiful. Have a good time whatever you are doing.... enjoyed meeting you and will continue to visit.

  3. Thanks for a peek at some of your wonderful painting, Helen. She's very cute!
    Have a safe trip, we'll look forward to seeing a photo-a-week from you!

  4. Enjoy your trip! I think your painting is awesome, I wish I had some of your painting talent!! I am glad you are joining us for the weekly challenge!!

  5. Helen, your gourd doll is beautiful! I have enjoyed visiting everyone's blogs too and I'm so happy to see you are continuing with the weekly challenge too.

    Have a nice trip away ~ :)

  6. oh, how I love looking at doll faces.... this one is lovely...

    have a great little trip....see you when you get back...

  7. Enjoy your trip! Love the colours on that :D

  8. You paint so pretty! Love this.


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