Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19 th

Linda, I am sorry, but I do not know whose this nest is, no tricks :)
The fish is Beta something and we've been told that it is not live alone with some other fishes, so, she or he swimming alone in the tank next to the tank with golden fishes.
OK, let see, what we can post for today. For today we have one lonely hammock swinging between the trees.

There is something wrong with my head, two days in a row I am marking my post Jan 20th, need to get some medication :)


  1. I laughed and laughed at the photo of the hammock in the middle of all that snow! Great pic, Helen!

    Maybe you have a premonition that something wonderful is going to happen on Jan. 20th and you are subconsciously eager for the day to arrive- or then agai, maybe you just need medication-ROFLMAO!!

  2. would have to be wearing a thick warm coat to take a nap on that hammock. would be peaceful though.

    I think the female betta fish can be kept with other fish, but the male that you have I am not sure.

  3. That is a humorous photo, like someone would actually attempt to nap there in the middle of the snow, brrr...

  4. ohhhhh that would be downright undoable for me but cool photo!


  5. great pic! i had a giggle at the hammock in the snow too....a symbol of warmer weather to come.

    Betta, known as Siamese Fighting Fish here in Australia, get the name because they fight with other fish so it's always better to keep them in separate tanks. My son had a couple at one stage....a female and a male....but when he put them in together, they started fighting so back into separate tanks they went. :)


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