Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 21st - Some icicles from our part of the world :)

The picture I took yesterday, I played a bit with Color temperature and tint button to get this color, my editing program is very simple, thank you that you liked it.

Today I made a few shots of icicles.


  1. I can never look at one without thinking just what amazing things icicles are....

    yeh.. I keep looking out the window see if any more loot has been exposed in the melting now... lol...

  2. Yes, they look about like my icicles but more drippy looking it must be warmer there.

  3. Icicles are such magical looking things.

  4. I love all the interesting patterns you can see in them. A couple look quite sharp...I wouldn't like to be standing under them. lol Great shots, Helen!

  5. Well, poo! Blogger ate my comment when it went down for maintence just as I clicked Post Comment. Now let's see if I can remember what I said....

    Icicles are so pretty. Just so kewl how water can be frozen in motion, suspending its' journey in mid stream. PS- this is my 3rd try! I think blogger is out to get us!


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