Monday, January 4, 2010

New beginning of Monday Photo

This Monday snick up on me so fast, I did not realize - it is time for the photo post.

Bowl full of gourds :)


  1. I swear, you find the kewlest things to photograph, Helen! You have a fantastic knack for seeing every day things in such an interesting way. Love these gourds.

  2. Nice photo, Helen....not sure why but, for some reason, the small size pic makes me think of a dragon.

  3. I thought they were bones at first lol nice photo of simple things :)

    i see a dragon in the bowl now that serena mentioned it :)

  4. looks like something prehistoric... great shot!

  5. I'll bet Sprite will see that dragon, too and probably sculpt one like it! These are wonderful gourds, Helen!


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