Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alan work


I want to share a link with you. It is children onlime museum, where kids and schools can post kids work. I want to share Alan work.
If you can leave comments on his site, you made him so-o-o-o happy :) work

The comment link - on a bottom of artosnia site, right side, if you click leave comment, and then Website somment, you do not have to become his fan, of course if you want to :) just a comment area and then send.
If for some reason you can use the site to leave comment, you can leave it here.

Thank you very much for looking!
Hugs, Helen and Alan


  1. Helen your son has certainly got a lot of talent. I guess it runs in the family.

  2. Alan is very talented, Helen. I hope he keeps up with his drawings. :)

  3. I left him a comment Helen. That really is a very nice drawing!


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