Monday, August 3, 2009

New Monday - new photos

We were passing local market and decided to stop to check. While kids (including my husband) had ice cream, I photographed some flowers.
If you will click on photo, especially yellow flowers, you can see more details.

I also finished doll from Sherry pattern, it is on my art blog if anyone wish to check :)

Hugs, Helen


  1. gorgeous photos :D love that moose lol

  2. gorgeous pics, helen! the moose is so cute!

  3. Lovely photos Helen. I too have the same flowers as shown in the second picture. Don't know the name though.

  4. Hi Helen! Lovely flowers. I'd have a hard time choosing between ice cream and photographing flowers, but I'm glad you chose the flowers! LOL!

  5. Hi Helen,

    Wow, lovely photos of the flowers and the planter. I did look at the yellow flowers in a close-up and they are grand. Love all the details of the centers, the colors and the hairlike filaments on the stems and leaves.


  6. Gorgeous! Both the subjects and the photography.


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