Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday photo of the week - walking trails

All pictures are courtesy of Ari :)

I am not sure what this bird is as we have eagles and hawks here, so, it can be anyone. It is a close up as much as possible, if anyone knows the difference.

Ladies, thank you very much for identifying the bird! I google it and learn some new things, thank you!

Judi, the camera those particular pictures were taken with, is SONY Cyber_shot DSC-h20. It has pretty decent characteristics for the price.


  1. looks like a turkey vulture to me :) not too sure tho

  2. That dragonfly shot is amazing! Good work, Ari!
    Closeup with the red it looks like a turkey vulture- those things are huge.

  3. I love the pics. The bird is so nice! I don't know the difference between eagles and hawkes, but I thought eagles have white heads and are bigger. Not sure though :)

  4. It's a turkey vulture Helen, and a great pic too. How many mm's does your lens go, anyway? I love the way you zoom in in your photos. (By the way, thanks for the head's up on the comment form on my blog - I have it fixed now. I devoutly hope, LOL!)

  5. Helen, tell Ari he did a splendid job on the photos! Love them all. That dragonfly looks really neat.


  6. Nice shots! Well done to Ari!

  7. Great shots!!! The immature male Common Whitetail dragonfly is gorgeous!


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