Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to computer world

I recently had a computer crash and lost all pictures and files, and so and on.
But I am back, you love it or not :)
And now I have 2 external backup drive (backup for backup), you can say that I am getting paranoid :) Better 2 drives that sorry as long as I will keep moving files there.

Anyway, I posting a few pictures of some of my flowers.
Glad to be back and hugs to all!


  1. awww...sorry to hear that Helen. It is a darn nuisance this technology isn't it? It's only great when it works....and why can't somebody think up a better way if they are so darn clever? ... let us be able to back things up it should do that automatically anyway...and save it no matter what....

    love your blossoms... I have my Mayday blossoms now... they smell so nice ..

  2. very pretty pictures of lovely flowers :)

  3. I'm glad you're back with us again, Helen. The last photo looks like Lily of the Valley. I used to have lots at my old house, but have never had it in this yard.

  4. I was wondering today where you had disappeared. Glad to know that the computer has been fixed. Beautiful shots of the flowers.

  5. So sorry about the computer crash, Helen. I'm a little on the paranoid side too. I also have two external we use like a normal harddrive for all our personal files and the other external HD is used to back it up. Then, once in a while, I will burn all our personal folders and files onto DVD....just in case.

    Pretty flower the Lily of the Valley ~

  6. Love the photos. I'm still having problems with mine...have to get on my old laptop to get anywhere.

  7. Welcome back to cyberspace Helen - I have missed you! the lily of the valley is my favorite flower, though I can't make it grow. I adore that pic!

  8. Helen,

    So happy you are back with us! I missed you! :(
    Your flowers are beautiful!

  9. Delicate and beautiful, these flowers! Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I would hate to lose all my photos...ugh!


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